EST 2013. NYC.

About PRAE


PRAE – prefix: earlier than; prior to; variant of pre- 


PRAE is a women’s ready-to-wear line built around a core collection of design-forward bralettes. PRAE reconsiders the importance of a beautiful bra which also reflects personal style. As the piece that is most personal on a woman’s body, Prae’s range of luxe, silk bralettes are the starting point for the ‘pre’-dressing stage of the modern woman’s wardrobe. From there, each RTW piece in the collection thoughtfully integrates the bralettes.

PRAE is an expression of the founder’s colorful beachside childhood in Sydney colliding with the sleek aesthetic of her current home in New York. The Prae woman captures the relaxed beachside attitude within the city backdrop. She embodies a lifestyle of laid-back luxe.